"Life, After" screening this weekend—and more!

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted an update here. Whoops! No lack of exciting news though! Let me get you caught up on what's been happening with Life, After!

First up, the pilot episode of the show is screening this Saturday at the Brooklyn Web Fest! Come out and join us! (Tickets here.)

Next, we'll also be screening in the NYC Web Fest during my birthday weekend! (November 10-12) More details on that to come.

Finally, we've gotten a lot of great write ups. If you need other people to convince you to check out the show, then look at what A.V. Club, Decider, Hello Giggles, and Boing Boing had to say about it.

More frequent updates coming soon. I promise!


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Life, After is here!!!

Okay, just a week late posting here, but what a week! We have officially released Life, After out into the world!!! Yay!!! You can watch all eight episodes here. (I like to call it binge watching, but it's really only like a half hour altogether.)

Also! Life, After was written up by The Hairpin. Double yay!!!

A huge thanks to all the love and support and to everyone who has already watched and sent kind words our way. If you like the show, I hope you'll consider sharing it with friends!


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I'm in a McDonald's commercial!

Watch out for my appearance as the non-speaking best wife ever in a new McDonald's spot (especially if you're in the great city/vicinity of Cleveland)! Although, let's be real... You're far too busy catching Pokeman to watch television right now. So I'll make it easy for you right here:


(Okay, now get back out there and catch them all!)


"Life, After" Pre-Release Screening and Party on Friday!!!

Ah!!! We're having a Life, After screening party in two days!!! (This is the part where I remind myself to breathe and that everything will be great.)

This will be the first time we're sharing the series with a real audience. Eek! I'll obviously keep you posted on when the series is totally finished and live online, but if you're in the New York area and able to join us on Friday, we'd love to see you! 

Friday, July 8th 2016 - Doors open at 8pm - Littlefield - 622 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

The event is 21+ and will have a cash bar. WITH SIGNATURE "LIFE, AFTER"-THEMED COCKTAILS! Click here to view the Facebook event!

And now I need to tackle this to do list of things that must happen before Friday... Bye!!!


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Work and Play

A few quick and fun updates!

I booked an industrial job, shooting next week. I'm excited to have another official SAG-AFTRA booking under my belt, so yay!

More exciting: we've picked a release date for Life, After. This is not 100% final yet, as things could change with our post-production schedule, but the current target date is July 11. So watch out for that! It's coming!

I had a really cool audition this week that merited a prep session with my acting coach. It was great getting to work on some exciting and fun material and to exercise those muscles, since I've been so deep in writer mode lately.

And finally, on a personal note, my fiancé and I celebrated our "-1st anniversary" this past weekend, which is a fun way to say that our wedding is in one year! We went into true New York staycation mode, which was a blast. (pics below)

Okay, that's all the updates for now. Looking forward to some more exciting stuff to share soon!


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New Commercial Reel

Have you seen the commercials I've been in over the past year or so? Would you like to watch them all back to back, with primarily the shots including me? If you answered yes, should I be uncomfortable or flattered?

I've edited together a new commercial reel! Here it is for your enjoyment:

I'm running the Brooklyn Half for the third time on Saturday. (My fourth half marathon.) Wish me luck! I would say I feel tepid about my level of preparedness. While I'm planning to rely on the Hamilton soundtrack to get me through this year's race, I'm generally a big fan of listening to podcasts while I run... or while I do any sort of mundane or boring task, really. Since it's a topic that's come up in many conversations, here's a list of the podcasts I'm currently listening to (grouped together in a way that makes sense to me):

  1. This American Life, Serial, & Radiolab (the obvious ones)
  2. Planet Money & Freakonomics Radio
  3. Reply All, StartUp, & Surprisingly Awesome (all from the company Gimlet—check out all their other shows, too)
  4. NPR Politics, FiveThirtyEight Elections & On the Media (they help me make sense of this presidential election season)
  5. Embedded & Invisibilia
  6. Scriptnotes (This is a little inside baseball for screenwriting, but if you're a writer, it's really fantastic)
  7. KCRW's The Business (Also inside baseball for the film business, but a good way to stay up to speed on industry stuff)
  8. Fresh Air

If you're new to the world of podcasts or haven't heard many of those shows, check them out. Also, I welcome recommendations!


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Write! Right?

Whew... I spent the past couple weeks pushing to get a new draft of my screenplay Scattering Jake written. And I did it! But I'm exhausted.

I did a page one rewrite. For those of you who aren't sure what that means, I wrote a full draft of this script last year (which was a quarterfinalist in the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships). Upon reflection and re-reading, I knew it had some big problems that I wanted to fix, and I thought I would embrace the challenge of completely rewriting the script from the very beginning. No copy/paste. No tweaking existing scenes. I wrote every single page as though I was writing it for the first time.

Sounds great, right? What a good exercise! I probably cracked it open and wrote a killer new draft! Wrong. I finished it, and I knew almost immediately that it wasn't working. In trying to make it more realistic and grounded, I lost the comedy and more importantly, the fun. It just wasn't working.

Now, the first draft wasn't perfect, but this new draft was definitely worse. Sure, there were some things I improved on. Some characters I made richer and more interesting. A few scenes I made more effective. But overall, this big rewriting exercise ended up being a way for me to prove to myself that the first draft was pretty good.

I made this somewhat frustrating revelation exactly two weeks before a final deadline I really wanted to hit for a big contest. I spent those two weeks "Frankenstein-ing" the different drafts, pulling the better scenes from each of them, writing some entirely new scenes, adding a brand new character into the mix. And somehow, I made the deadline.


As I've posted about in the past, writing is hard. It seriously sucks. It's miserable. But getting through it and being on the other side with a finished draft in hand is an awesome experience.

I don't ever want to write again. I quit forever. It's too much work and way too hard. But I can't wait to improve this script and start working on my next one. So I guess I'm stuck... Back to work!


"Life, After" is Picture Locked!

It's funny how you can make so much progress and yet feel like things are moving so slowly. That's how I would describe post-production. That movement feels a little less slow right now because we crossed an exciting milestone: we've picture locked all the episodes on Life, After! Yay!

Yesterday, our director (and my fiancé... scandal!) Paul had spotting sessions with our VFX supervisor and sound designer/mixer. Still a lot of work to do, but we're significantly closer to releasing the show, which is very exciting.

Otherwise, things have been good and busy. I was traveling recently for an engagement party and some wedding planning. Here I am pretending to be a bride on a visit to our venue:

I'm pretty confident that's how brides stand.

Okay byeee!


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On Cleveland

As you may remember from my previous post, I spent less than 24 hours in Cleveland last week shooting a commercial (which also happened to be the commercial that triggered me to join SAG-AFTRA). I flew out Tuesday night, spent 7 hours in a hotel, shot the commercial (entirely indoors at one location) on Wednesday, and then went straight to the airport to fly back after we wrapped.

I'm including all of this mundane itinerary information to help illustrate for you that I am clearly now intimately familiar with Cleveland. I mean, I know it well. Really well. Like, I've seen it. All of it. Allow me to enlighten you with some of the lesser known facts about life in Cleveland.


  1. There are people in Cleveland.
  2. These people wear clothes, eat food, and drive cars on roads. They use their mouths to talk. They pick things up with their hands. They walk on two feet. 
  3. There are buildings in Cleveland.
  4. Most, if not all, of these buildings have walls, windows, doors, and roofs. 
  5. Cleveland experiences both daytime and nighttime.
  6. However, at the Cleveland airport, it is always nighttime.
  7. Cleveland has at least one hotel.
  8. In that hotel there are such items as a bed, nightstand, alarm clock, desk, small couch, television, sink, closet, safe (for valuables), shower, and toilet. The water bottles are (surprisingly) complimentary.
  9. There is a train track next to the hotel in Cleveland.
  10. The weather in Cleveland is partly cloudy and in the mid 50s.

Here's a scenic photo that really sums up the trip:

Thank you for the memories, Cleveland.


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