New Videos, Photos, and More

Good day, world! I'm excited to share lots of fun stuff today!

First up, the Rent the Runway commercial shoot was an awesome experience, and I'm very thankful to have been on the project. I did not realize prior to the shoot that out location was an incredible estate in Long Island that once belonged to the Guggenheim family. Not a shabby way to spend a day. Anyway, the spot is complete, and I've posted it on the videos page of the site, but you can also watch it right here (my part is at the end):

***UPDATE (10/27): Here are a few fun stills from the shoot that I just received. Wanted to throw them in. (Also in the Commercial & Print Photo Gallery.)


Next up, I had a great time on the set of the NYU short film, "Lullaby," directed by my super talented friend Dana Brawer. I've posted a couple photos from the shoot in my On Set and In Action photo gallery, but here is one of my favorites:


And one more piece of media to share. I just was sent a really great teaser trailer for another NYU short I was in a few months ago, "Stan the Dinosaur." It's up on the videos page as well, but for your convenience, here it is:

It's always fun to have lots of new material to post! This weekend, I will be on set for another NYU short, "On the Curb," in which I get to try out my French accent a bit. As always, be sure to stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


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