Missed Connections Screening and Updates

I'm really proud and happy to share that I attended a screening of the short film I starred in, "Missed Connections: The Musical," written and direccted by Amanda Lorber. The screening was at Sunshine Cinemas in the Lower East Side, and it was my first time seeing the film. While that can generally be a nerve wracking experience, I was really impressed with how the film came out. A big congratulations and thank you to Amanda and her team. I look forward to sharing some clips from the film here on the website, so stay tuned for that.

This past week, Florence had two shows. One was at the Triple Crown, hosted by Super Future, and the other was at the 13th Street Repertory, hosted by Ghost Fight. I am very proud of how we performed in these shows, and cannot even express how much of a joy it is to perform with such a talented and wonderful group of funny ladies.

I completed a great commercial class at UCB with Phil Cassese and Stacy Gallo, and I have signed up for my first Advanced Study Harold class at UCB with Chelsea Clarke. The class starts Wednesday, and I can't wait.

I will update soon with some more upcoming show dates.


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