Best birthday treat? Booking a national commercial...

Happy birthday to me! It might be a little premature, since my birthday isn't until Tuesday, but yesterday, I wrapped on my first SAG-AFTRA national commercial, which I consider to be a pretty awesome birthday gift. A HUGE thanks to David McDermott at JGD and Ingrid French and the rest of the IFM team for supporting me and sending me out. I'm so happy to have booked this, after my long stay in Callback City. Once it's up, I'll definitely post it here!

In other exciting news, I recently wrapped on a short film by super talented filmmaker and editor, Tom Patterson. The film is called "Thanks," and it gave me a fun chance to play a character who was a bit seedier than my normal type. I can't wait to see how it came out! 

I also just had week two of the On-Camera Workshop I am taking at Atlantic. The first half of the class is being taught by Lorielle Mallue, and we are working on monologues from screenplays. The second half will be taught be casting director, Todd Thaler. It's been really great being back at the Atlantic and brushing up my Practical Aesthetics technique.

Stay tuned because hopefully there will be more exciting updates like this one! 


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