Tickets and Details for "Oooo"

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An Homage to Mae West & The Golden Age of Hollywood

Starring Darlene Violette as Mae West and Erica Tachoir as Hildie-Lou Parson!

Sundays April 7, 14, 21, & 28 at 6pm, (Running Time: 90 minutes)

Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd Street
between Avenues B&C

Tickets: $15

Tickets Available Here (Go to Desired Date on Calendar)

Darlene Violette stars as Mae West in "Oooo! “ Mae West was the lady who first brought Sex to the City! “Oooo!” tells the hilarious and inspiring story of the flaxen vixen and her unlikely and unbelievable rise to super stardom in 1930’s Hollywood. The show is set in a vaudevillian cabaret with music from the period and comedic vignettes. Mae West, a Fully Figured, Forty Something & Fabulous,  5’ tall, vaudevillian jailbird from Brooklyn NY, accomplished what today would seem incredible, and in the 1930’s seemed impossible!  She took Hollywood by storm, saving Paramount Studios from bankruptcy and revolutionizing sex for women.  She was a savvy businesswoman who went toe to toe with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood and the Censors Office

Starring Darlene Violette (as Mae West), Sidney Myer (as Adolph Zukor), Jeffrey H. Johns as (Newsie & Snarky Concierge), Dena Tyler (as Noel Coward, Greta Garbo and Fortune Teller), Mario Brassard (as George Raft), Bonnie Marsh (as Fifi (4/14 & 4/28), Anthony Gallo (as DB Norton), Erica Tachoir (as Hildie Lou Parson), Ethel Fisher (as Matilda West), Steven Cordoves as (Cary Grant & News Reporter), Jeremy Burnett (as Rodney White), Doug Darwin (as Charlie and News Reporter), Kathy Smith (as Gertrude Howard/Beulah), Lauren Toub (as Fifi 4/7&4/21) Amelia Earhart, Sally & Coat Check Girl, Brian McInnis (as Rocco), Stephanie Alexa (as Cleopatra and Fan), and Gayle Staffanson (as Marlene Deitrich).

Directed by Jeffrey H. Johns 
Assistant to the Director Brandy Rowel  
Music Director Brian McInnis,
Accompaniest is Wayne Shuker.

Don't miss "Oooo!", because when this cast is good, they are very good, but when they are bad, they're better!