New Reel (and more)

I'm excited to share my new acting reel! I've added some brand new clips and tightened it overall (it's now well under 3 minutes), to show some of my best performances. In addition to the new reel, I've given the videos page of this site an overhaul, including something that's been four years delayed... My NYU thesis short that I wrote and directed, "Too Sunny for Santa" is now finally posted for you to watch online!!! Definitely check out the new videos page and watch 'Too Sunny' if you've never seen it. I'm still incredibly proud of this project, and it includes some really wonderful performances from Josh Childs, Natalia Dyer, and Rebecca Lines. 

In case you don't make it over to the videos page, here's the new reel:

I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear with you think!


Erica TachoirComment