Birthday Reflections

Yesterday was my birthday. While I may not have accomplished everything I hoped for in the past year, I'm pretty proud of the ground work I've set. I think I worked through a lot of the tough stuff and set up some really great habits that will allow me to thrive, and I'm determined that this new year is going to be fantastic. As I was reflecting on this post and what to write, I started digging through my calendar for the past 12 months. In absolutely no order whatsoever, here is a review of some of the things I did over the past year (sorry if some of these numbers are foggy):

  • Run a 5K, a 10K, a 10-Miler, and two Half Marathons
  • Took an on-camera acting class at Atlantic with Lorielle Mallue and Todd Thaler
  • Renewed contract with Ingrid French Management
  • Wrote, directed, acted in "Be the Change," my short film with Corinne Caputo
  • Taught a film camp in my hometown in Tennessee
  • Cheered on USA (and Germany) in the World Cup
  • Went to a bunch of New York Red Bull games with my boyfriend
  • Visited family in Quebec, Canada, got to sing at my cousin's wedding
  • Went to my high school friend Katie's wedding, sang at that one too
  • Shot a Belvita campaign at Droga 5
  • Paid off all any and all debt
  • Shot a clothing commercial
  • Booked on an ongoing episodic project that'll be shooting through April
  • Booked another commercial, had to pass due to conflict (didn't know the product in advance)
  • Saw This is Our Youth on Broadway
  • Saw If/Then on Broadway
  • Met with a commercial agent
  • Finished first draft of Ghost Friends web series with Corinne
  • Set one year career goals for my writing and acting with amazing career coach Betsy Capes
  • Went on at least 72 auditions
  • Had at least 9 callbacks, booked 2 additional jobs without callbacks
  • Edited new acting reel
  • Met at least 6 casting directors or agents in seminars/classes
  • Revised my website
  • Celebrated the engagements of at least 5 close friends
  • Celebrated 9 years (give or take a little) with my boyfriend
  • Got hooked on Bar Method workout classes
  • Continued working out with my amazing trainer, Kiki in McCarren Park
  • Wrote a feature length screenplay 
  • Decided that screenplay wasn't working and that I didn't want to continue with it
  • Wrote a short film
  • Decided I didn't want to produce the short
  • Began outlining a new feature length screenplay inspired partly off of the short with some of the themes of the abandoned feature (it all comes together...)
  • Signed up for five different mail subscription services, from snacks and meals, to clothing and shoes (I'm a little embarrassed by this)
  • Performed in at least 21 improv/comedy shows and practiced improv almost every week
  • Started a new improv team
  • Went on a Delaware beach vacation weekend with my boyfriend and his family
  • Voted in the midterm elections
  • Short film I acted in, "Thanks," played in at least 4 film festivals
  • Short film I acted in, "Lullaby," screened in at least 2 film festivals
  • Took Dallas Travers Actor's Breakthrough class and accomplished my 8-week career class goal of auditioning for a network or cable TV show
  • Created an awesome accountability partnership through this class and now check in with my partner every weekday morning
  • Had some amazing memories and quality time with people I love
  • Did a lot of cooking
  • Had a pretty awesome birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant with some of my favorite people (see the photos above) last night

And now, I just found out that I booked one of the two callbacks I had yesterday. So here we are, the day after my birthday, and I'd say we're off to a great start.


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