Giving Thanks

Who says you have to wait until you win an Oscar or Emmy to express gratitude for the people who have helped you get to where you are in your career? Without further ado, here is my as-of-today, no-Oscar acceptance speech:

I’d like to thank my parents for always believing in me and supporting me. You encouraged me to discover my potential in myriad ways, and I can't even begin to say thank you for everything you've given me. I’d like to thank my boyfriend Paul for being by my side through the peaks and valleys, and I’m so happy to be on this incredible journey with you. I’d like to thank my manager, Ingrid French, and the entire IFM family (Alex, Tom, and Deanna) for believing in me and taking a chance on me, even when I didn’t have much to show for myself. I’d like to thank the NYU/Tisch faculty that launched me on my artistic journey in this city and helped me discover who I am as an artist, especially Ezra, Lamar, Robby, and Rick. ("WRAP IT UP” ON THE TELEPROMPTER) And of course, the incredible film school friends I had by my side for the last nine years, especially Matthew Troy, without whom I could never have made anything, the Buffalo Picture House crew, and everyone else. I’d love to thank the UCB and the improv community, especially my Florence girls for helping me to find my comedic voice and giving me a safe home to be weird and explore. (MUSIC STARTS PLAYING) And especially my incredible writing partner Corinne Caputo. How could I not have mentioned you earlier? It’s such an amazing process working with you. And oh my gosh my producer Tessa Treanor, you've been such a constant source of accountability, and you believed in me when I wasn't even sure I believed in myself. (MUSIC GETS LOUDER) Oh man, there are so many people I'm forgetting. I'm sorry! I’ve accomplished so much under the guidance of my wonderful career coaches Betsy Capes and Dallas Travers, who do incredible work. And all my friends... (MUSIC GETS EVEN LOUDER) And to everyone out there who is scraping by with me, trying to make this all work, forging your own paths, this is for all of you! (MUSIC SWELLS)

I’ll have to keep working on that speech. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!


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