Classes, classes, classes...

I've been in a lot of classrooms this month.

I just finished up a great three-week class with casting associate Candice Alustiza-Lee at One on One. She just wrapped on Tina Fey's new show. She had a great energy and structured the class so that week one was about cold readings, week two was an initial audition (or pre-read), and week three was a callback. Many thanks to Candice for taking the time to be there.

Yesterday, I acted in a scene for a Columbia University graduate film student's directing class. It was from an original screenplay he wrote, and it was an awesome chance to practice my scene study chops on some new material. We had a great time working through it and exploring different approaches to the material.

And I am officially returning to the improv classroom. After a long hiatus, I'll be taking a four week Advanced Study Harold class at the Upright Citizens Brigade, beginning at the end of the month. I can't wait to dust off my Harold cobwebs and get back into the UCB environment (in their beautiful new training center, nonetheless).

#NeverStopLearning, right?


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