Lots of Film Festivals!

There are so many screening chances to catch me on the big screen right now! To kick things off with with a just missed opportunity, the NYU short, "Lullaby," screened this past Sunday, May 4th at the Catskill Mountains Film Festival. Congrats to the fabulously talented director, Dana Brawer!

Tom Patterson's short film, "Thanks," is at it again with not one, not two, but THREE screenings coming up in the NYC area:

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Here are some excerpts from both "Thanks" and "Lullaby" featuring yours truly. These are also up on the Videos page, along with lots of other fun clips, and I've added the screening dates to the Calendar page as well.

Definitely stay tuned because I have some really exciting news coming up. I'll hold off on the details for now, but let's just say it'll include a new comedy video, commercial, and more!


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