The Birthday Annual Review

Yesterday was my birthday, so I can now proudly say that I successfully survived another rotation around the sun. I feel somewhat mixed when it comes to birthdays, with experiences ranging from "I'm a princess! Shower me with gifts!" to "Holy crap, what am I doing with my life?"

Last year on my birthday, I wrote a post that was crazy long list of things I had done that year, and I thought I'd try that again this year. So here we go, in no particular order, an abridged list of things I did during the Earth's last orbit:

  • Wrote a web series about best friend ghosts with my writing partner Corinne called Life, After
  • Raised over $22k to fund Life, After on Kickstarter. (And also made these silly videos to go along with the campaign)
  • Filmed Life, After with an incredible team - 10 episodes in 7 days
  • Started an LLC and opened a business bank account with Corinne
  • Also made a very silly video series called DIY Friends for with Corinne (they're on my videos page)
  • Finished a first draft of a feature screenplay, Scattering Jake, that I actually like (although it still needs work)
  • Advanced the the quarterfinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting with aforementioned screenplay.
  • Submitted to four different contests/fellowships
  • Booked five commercials (Push Pops, Zaxby’s,, Twist, NFL Fantasy Football... also all on the videos page)
  • Auditioned for way more than five commercials and had a good number of callbacks.
  • Acted in two different educational video series
  • Acted in two different comedic web series (that were NOT created by me… haha)
  • Had a general meeting at a cable network with Corinne
  • Quit my part-time “survival job” of 7.5 years
  • Started practicing and performing with a new, super fun improv team called The Hounds
  • Took another Advanced Study class at UCB
  • Attended nearly 100 Bar Method classes (#obsessed)
  • Ran the Brooklyn Half, my third half marathon (and slowest time yet… it happens)
  • Became fans and season ticket holders of NYCFC with my boyfriend and attended a whole bunch of games at Yankee Stadium, two at Red Bull Arena, and one at RFK in DC with Paul’s parents
  • Went to two weddings and two (different) engagement parties
  • Visited Canada with my family and celebrated my grandfather’s 90th birthday
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving on a Delaware beach
  • Performed in the premiere of the Jazz Mass for World Peace that my mother composed
  • Did the most fun improv show of my life with Corinne and our friend Megan, wherein we came up with the phrase “Space Boat”
  • Made LOTS of Blue Apron meals
  • Had a terrible stomach virus (not related to the Blue Apron meals)
  • Watched too much (or not enough?) television
  • Hit snooze on my phone alarm an insane number of times
  • Became obsessed with Hamilton and have lost the lottery twice so far
  • Successfully did Escape the Room with friends, which is the most fun thing ever, and we're doing another one soon
  • Locked myself out of the apartment multiple times (thankfully, Paul works nearby, and Corinne has keys)
  • Had a wonderful birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant with friends

So here's to another year... and my final chance to make a 30 Under 30 list. 

I'm a princess! Shower me with gifts!


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