We Advanced in Project Greenlight’s New Contest

Or “How I learned to stop worrying and love the worst picture of me ever published on the internet.”

Exciting news! Corinne and I submitted a pitch to a new contest from Project Greenlight, where the winner gets $25k to produce an original digital series. And out of the hundreds of submissions, we were one of the twenty to advance to the next round! Woohoo! A huge thank you to the very kind folks at Adaptive Studios for giving us this opportunity!

But of course, the universe dictates that for every good thing there must also be a bad thing. With that, here is the incredibly terrible thumbnail image for our pitch video:

Worst. Thumbnail. Ever.

Worst. Thumbnail. Ever.

Right now, the pitches are all open to a public vote, which will determine one of the five finalists. Voting ends on December 18th, so if you could take a minute to check out our project and vote for us, we would appreciate the support! (It literally takes one minute. Unless you actually watch the pitch video, in which case, it will take exactly three minutes.)

Disclaimer: This is just a very short pitch of a much larger idea! There’s a lot that we need to figure out about the show and world, and the video only reflects a small slice of that. (In other words, I feel vulnerable sharing things at such an early stage.)


Thanks so much!!!


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