Stuck in an airport? Here's a video!

Remember that last post about me being in Nashville? Well that four day trip turned into an eight day trip when my flight back to New York was cancelled four times. Yep. Fifth time is the charm when it comes to air travel in the dead of winter. Remind me to never travel in February again. On a bright note, I got some really good couch/lap bonding time with my cat. The photo on the right was basically my POV for eight days.

Anyway, I'm back now! Yay! And just in time for the release of a fun video from my amazing friend Bianca Jamotte. She's rocking a new web series about true confessions from real life moms (Naturally, titled "Real Mommy Confessions"), and you may notice a brief appearance by yours truly in the latest episode:

You can check out the rest of the series on YouTube and on their Facebook page. 

Stay tuned because I've got a really exciting release coming up in a little over a week!


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