Eggs in Many Baskets

I've been feeling really positive about the things that are in motion in my life and career of late. In fact, my writing partner Corinne and I have had this unspoken pattern where one of us just proclaims at random, "I'm really excited about all of this." I think it's important to allow ourselves to feel excited and empowered. This is already sounding super cheesy, but bear with me. Here's a breakdown of some of the things I'm pretty jazzed about at the moment:

A fun side note... This was the time (yesterday) when Corinne and I discovered we were wearing matching outfits.

A fun side note... This was the time (yesterday) when Corinne and I discovered we were wearing matching outfits.

  • As I'm writing this, I've made it through page 70 of the first draft of my screenplay. Hopefully, by the end of today, I will have totally completed my first pass at Act II. (I'm close.)
  • I'm really excited that DIY Friends has launched and that at least one of our new episodes will be posting next week.
  • Corinne and I have a first draft of a pilot that we're both feeling really good about. It still needs some tune ups, and we want to have a reading soon to hear it out loud and get feedback, but it's in a really nice place.
  • I booked an acting project shooting in the next two weeks through another job that I just wrapped. It's a really great feeling to get an opportunity as a result of prior work.
  • Corinne and I have more than half of the episodes for our upcoming original series written (and we should be even further along after tonight). And we have a super exciting meeting happening next week about this stuff. Woohoo!

I think my chief takeaway here is that I'm happiest when I have more than one thing going on. I love feeling like I have a few different metaphorical pots simmering, and I can direct my attention between them. This way, when one thing starts to go really well, I can celebrate that, and if it slows down, I've got something else I can get excited about.

It's a fine balance managing different endeavors without spreading myself thin, but I definitely want to keep this sense of productivity and multiple options as my new normal.


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