That's a wrap on "Life, After"

Holy cabooses! Last Tuesday, we officially wrapped production on "Life, After!" Why has it taken me so long to write about it? Well, it was only the most intense seven days I've had in a LONG time, so I needed a little recovery time. Now, a week out from wrap, life is almost back to normal, and I've reemerged into the outside world!

First off, I have to express some major gratitude. The week we spent shooting was only possible because we had the most incredible, hard-working amazing team and because of the wonderful, generous support we received from our Kickstarter backers, family, and friends. (See my very long thank you paragraph to the crew at the bottom of this post.)

I can't believe how much we got through in seven days. A party scene with background actors, an ambulance, locking off a street with an NYPD officer, special VFX shots. That's not even counting the more normal stuff like the number of cast and locations we were working with and the fact that we shot about 36 pages of content. 

I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more about this as the project moves through post production. We are aiming for a Valentine's Day release (fingers crossed!). For now, here are some photos from the shoot to enjoy.

Now for the long thank you list.

Tessa Treanor, our producer, is a goddess and has been such an amazing champion of our work for a ridiculously long amount of time. She was rocking some incredible behind-the-scenes magic during the entire shoot that made all of our lives easier. Paul Penczner, our director (and my boyfriend... scandal!), did an amazing job navigating through the insane amount of material and challenges the scripts presented and really gave it his all on very little sleep as we worked through the super tight schedule. So grateful for his hard work and support. Andrew Penczner, our AD (and Paul's brother... I know, I know, nepotism) was such a champion for coming in from Los Angeles with his amazing camera package and working his tail off filling in pretty much every other role on the shoot. He was a million places at once, and we couldn't have done it with out him. Matthew Troy, our DP, has been one of my closest friends and collaborators since NYU, and he really took a beating strapping on that heavy camera rig again and again during our long shooting dates. He worked relentlessly and was always fully present and dedicated to doing the best work possible. Abigail completely rocked the wardrobe department, and I will forever channel her ability to navigate a clothing store. Andy and Gabby did an amazing job as our art department. (Andy's shrine to us for one of the episodes is completely horrifying and hilarious.) Matt's camera team of Christie and Joann (and Maddie) were incredible. Our sound mixer Alan is the greatest (along with our boom ops Louis and Tarcisio). Super grateful for the invaluable production support we received from Nicki and Willy. The amazing Jess Troy cooked us two incredible meals, and the Caputo family came all the way out from Staten Island to bring us lunch!

I know I'm invariably forgetting people. I promise there will be more gratitude posts. For now, I will blame the fact that I'm still recovering. Thank you a million times over to everyone, and I will be sure to keep you all posted on our progress!!!


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