Work and Play

A few quick and fun updates!

I booked an industrial job, shooting next week. I'm excited to have another official SAG-AFTRA booking under my belt, so yay!

More exciting: we've picked a release date for Life, After. This is not 100% final yet, as things could change with our post-production schedule, but the current target date is July 11. So watch out for that! It's coming!

I had a really cool audition this week that merited a prep session with my acting coach. It was great getting to work on some exciting and fun material and to exercise those muscles, since I've been so deep in writer mode lately.

And finally, on a personal note, my fiancé and I celebrated our "-1st anniversary" this past weekend, which is a fun way to say that our wedding is in one year! We went into true New York staycation mode, which was a blast. (pics below)

Okay, that's all the updates for now. Looking forward to some more exciting stuff to share soon!


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