Exciting news: Repped by MXN & Austin-bound!

It’s been an exciting month for me!

But it’s also been an incredibly depressing month in the news. So before I celebrate my personal wins, allow me to put out a friendly reminder to please VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS NEXT MONTH! (And more urgently, REGISTER TO VOTE if you haven’t!) I can’t stress enough how important this is, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to because it should be obvious. The folks at Crooked Media put together a helpful site to check your voter registration status and get all kinds of info: votesaveamerica.com <—Use it!!!

Okay, since that’s out of the way, I’m excited to share that I now have a literary manager! I’m officially repped by MXN Entertainment. I’m jazzed to be working with the fantastic team at MXN. They are super boutique, and they feel like a perfect fit for my goals and the kinds of work I want to be doing. Yay!!!

I’ll be out in LA from October 22-26 to do some more of those infamous LA meetings. While it’s a quick trip, I hope I can see some of my West Coast friends while I’m there!

And then… from the LA trip, I’ll be flying straight to Austin because Scattering Jake won the Table Read My Screenplay contest and will be getting a live table read during the Austin Film Festival! You KNOW I love a table read, and I’m really excited to experience this one and to get a taste of the Austin Film Festival, which I’ve always wanted to attend. Let me know if you’ll be out there for the festival. I’d love to connect with more writer friends.

Wow! This receipt is taller than me! What a world we live in!

Wow! This receipt is taller than me! What a world we live in!

So that’s my news! It’s nice to feel some small sense of momentum around my work. But just remember that for every cool thing I share, there are many more rejections you don’t see. (You can read more about that in my last post.) In fact, I’m currently in the lead among my writing group for the most no’s in 2018! Woohoo! It’s all a process. But it is very cool to get a little celebratory break every now and then. I’ll take it.

Quick updates: I just started a 12-week screenwriting intensive through Sundance’s new Collabs initiative. So far, it’s a very cool class! Also, I received the longest CVS receipt of my life (see photo) this week, so there’s that. Check back for more soon!


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