LA Recap

Seriously, these lemons were like softballs.

Seriously, these lemons were like softballs.

I got back late Friday night from a week in Los Angeles. While the weather was disappointingly overcast during some of my time there, it was a nice change of pace. I got to connect with some new people (those LA meetings everyone is always talking about) and reconnect with some old friends. I also got to hang out under the lemon tree in my Airbnb's amazing patio. (Which was great but was also a little terrifying because these lemons were ENORMOUS, and I couldn't stop worrying that one would fall on me.)

I know I frequently have the whole panic about whether I'm making a huge mistake by not living in LA. I've heard all the arguments for it. That's where the business is. I get it. Paul and I had actually come very close to moving out there about five or so years ago. But alas, here I am, still in Brooklyn. (And loving it.)

One thing this trip reaffirmed for me is that for what I want to do, it's less about needing to be in LA vs NY and more about recommitting myself to the actual work. There's no shortcut. There's no point where you feel like you made it and you're all set. It's just about the work. Doing it relentlessly. Making things. Relentlessly.

So, I'm gonna keep doing that! Woohoo!

Catalina Island views

Catalina Island views

I did get to spend my wedding anniversary (yay!) on Catalina Island which was lovely! And did I mention the terrifying but also very cool lemon tree? And I ate at my two favorite vegan restaurants (Crossroads Kitchen and Gracias Madre). And then there were those meetings. Trying to make the commitment to get out there a little more often, so hopefully, I'll catch more friends on the next trip. 

I don't have too many other news items to share. If you happened to see the news about Miss America ending the swimsuit contest, but you didn't read my last post about my new pageant-inspired (excuse me, I mean scholarship program-inspired) short film, then check it out! We submitted "Outstanding Ladies!" to our first grant application. Hoping to get it out a few more places soon.

Check back soon for other updates!


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