Writing is better with friends

I spent the week before last at the New York Television Festival as a festival alumni. Last year (or technically last fall, since the festival just moved to the summer), I met a bunch of great new people at NYTVF, and several of us started a writing group that has been meeting more or less weekly since then. I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a gratitude post to these amazing friends and an encouragement for others to find a similar support system.

Half of my writing group at NYTVF. Look at these stars!

Half of my writing group at NYTVF. Look at these stars!

Writing is often a solitary task. And it's often terrible. The number one reason why I force myself to write in coffee shops is that if I'm home, I will almost definitely be overcome by the urge to nap. I'd say in general that the desire to nap rather than figuring out difficult story points or doing intimidating rewrites is probably the biggest obstacle to my writing career. I'm a total sucker for career coaching stuff and frequently go on self-improvement kicks. And any of those initiatives tend to encourage some form of accountability. 

It's such a gift to have that accountability on a weekly basis—to know that on Friday, I'm going to need to either read some pages or else talk about why I wasn't able to write the pages I had planned to read. It's so inspiring to be in a group of people who are creating impressive work. It pushes me to want to be better. And of course, it's also great to have that support system for times when you're struggling, to know you're not alone.

So, thank you to my amazing group! I am so happy to have you guys! And I can't wait to see the awesome work everyone brings to our sessions. 

Quick updates: We're doing a table read of Scattering Jake on Thursday. I'm really excited to hear it read by a more properly cast (not just friends assigned to different parts) group of actors. I'm also going to be down in the Washington, D.C. area this weekend acting in a short film. Check back for updates on all that and more!



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