Come see the short play I wrote!

As I briefly mentioned in my last update... I wrote a short play! And you can see it performed (for the very first time ever) this Friday! What is this all about, you ask? Let me tell you...


A friend from my writing group invited me to participate in her theater company's very cool project. The company is Hot Metal Arts Collective, and the project is called Blackbox Playlist. You can read all about them and the show here. Essentially, eight writers were invited to participate. We were each given a song and a gender breakdown of the cast, and we were asked to write a short play for that cast inspired by the song. Once the script was written, it was given to the two actors to memorize and prepare individually. They don't know that I wrote the play. I don't know who they are. They don't know who they're acting with. On the night of the show, when the song plays, that's their cue to go up on stage. They will perform it together for the very first time in front of the audience. Then at the end, the writer is revealed, and it's a whole fun thing that lets everyone get a little glimpse of the creative process. Cool, right? Also, this show is all 90's themed with songs from the 90s and plays set in the 90s, so that's extra fun!

So what's my song and what did I write about? I can't tell! But if you come to the show this Friday, September 7th at 9 pm at the PIT Underground, you'll find out! You can buy tickets here. (It's cheaper in advance than at the door, so I encourage you to do that.) It should be a good time, and I'd love to see you there!

I don't really have other significant updates right now other than the fact that I've been soaking up this final stretch of summer! But I'm sure there will be more fun stuff to share soon! 


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