We shot a short film!

Long time no post. But I’ve been busy! Among other things, as the title states, we shot a short film!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I directed a brand new short, Going Under. I’m trying to put together more small, super low budget projects that I can make on my own with my amazing friends, and this was the first one out of the gate. I wrote it for my incredibly talented friend Erica Hernandez, and we cast the fantastic Richie Moriarty opposite her in this dramedy about a couple realizing just how vulnerable it feels to be in a relationship… thanks to dental surgery.

I cannot state enough how grateful I am to have incredible people in my life who are willing to share their talents and bring these kinds of small passion projects to life. It was so much fun to be directing again, especially with the aforementioned great people. While this piece is fairly simple and short with just four scenes, those four scenes each posed unique production challenges. In other words, it was a pretty intense day and a half. But the figurative film is in the figurative can, and I can’t wait to share it with you in the near future. Onto post-production!

Here are some BTS pics from the set of Going Under.

Other quick updates: I FINALLY SAW HAMILTON ON BROADWAY!!! (Special thanks/shout out to my husband for the best anniversary gift ever.) Otherwise, working on several writing projects and enjoying the start of summer. And I have another short film I hope to get moving with very soon.

Check back for more soon!


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