Nicholl Semifinals + We shot another short!

It’s been quite a week! Before I get into recapping the new short I directed last Wednesday, I’m excited to share that Scattering Jake is officially an Academy Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist! That means it’s now in the top 149 scripts out of the 7,302 that were submitted. I’m thrilled to have made it to this new level. It will be read by four Academy members next as they narrow the pool down to 10-15 finalists. So that’s cool!

Okay, onto the short film! Wow, where do I start? This project was such an overwhelming whirlwind, but now that I’m (mostly) recovered (but also dealing with a weird stomach bug, so am I even recovered at all?), I can share how excited and proud I am by how the shoot went! As I mentioned in my last post, this film, Where We Started, began as a short play that I wrote and later adapted to be more cinematic. I immediately thought of my friend, the super talented actress Aimée Fortier, for the lead role. We auditioned people and found a really incredible young actress to play opposite her, Hope Reda. Working with both of them was such a thrill. We actually had the luxury to rehearse a good amount, which in the film world feels like such a treat.

The location we shot in could not have been more incredible. It truly looks like we built a set. And I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the fantastic crew we had in place—from my longest collaborator Matthew Troy as our cinematographer, to the incredible Patrick Burgess as sound mixer, and my first time working with the really awesome Mary Marxen as production designer. And all of the other crew members as well were just so delightful, talented, generous, and kind. It could not have been a more pleasant set, especially considering that we were all enduring an overnight shoot, which is inevitably a little grueling and miserable.

As with any shoot, I spent a whole lot of time preparing, only to throw at least some of that preparation out the window as we had to adapt to what was happening in the moment. I’m really excited with the moments we captured, and I can’t wait to see how it comes together in the edit. I’ll be share to share more with you as soon as I can! In the meantime, here are a couple production stills as well as some very fun behind-the-scenes pics you can enjoy!

Check back for more soon!


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