Summer Update: Nicholl Quarterfinals, Short Films, and More!

It’s the long-delayed career update you’ve been waiting for all summer! (Right?) I’ve been busy with a lot of exciting projects, and I’ve also enjoyed some solid summer vacay vibes, so all in all, good stuff. Without further ado, here’s some of what’s been happening:

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My feature script Scattering Jake advanced to the quarterfinals of the Academy Nicholl Fellowships. For those of you who don’t know, this is probably the most prestigious annual screenwriting competition. It is THE Academy, after all (as in “I’d like to thank The Academy”). My first draft of the script also advanced a few years ago, so I’m thrilled to have this latest (and hopefully final… or at least as close as it can be to final before it gets tweaked in production) draft advance, too! Out of 7,302 scripts that were submitted, only 365 made it to the quarterfinals. So that’s cool! But also an important time to remember that these things are INSANELY subjective and should be taken in stride. Process and work above all.

The short film I shot at the end of May is well into post-production now, and I’m excited with how it’s coming along. Because I’m a crazy person, I’m actually now deep in pre-production on ANOTHER short that I’ll be directing NEXT WEEK! AH! I’m super excited about this upcoming project. It’s one that I’ve wanted to make for a while. It started out as a short play that I wrote for a friend’s awesome show. We have a really fantastic cast, and I think it’s going to be a special piece. I’ll give a more detailed recap once I’m on the other side of production.

A still from Ivan Kander “A Day Without”

A still from Ivan Kander “A Day Without”

Speaking of short films… a short I acted in last year, directed by an awesome DC-based filmmaker, Ivan Kander, is now online to watch! Check out “A Day Without” (also embedded below) and see my portrayal of a mom going through an existential crisis. A huge congrats to Ivan and the team on completing and releasing the film. It was such a joy to work with this entire crew.

Quick other professional life recap: I submitted a draft of my biopic On Her Own to my management to review as well as a draft of Corinne and my latest collaboration, Spaceboat! I’ll be out in LA at the end of October for two weeks of meetings there. And there’s some other cool news that I can’t share yet (teaser!).

Quick personal life recap: My summer has consisted of a few beach days, a trip to Philly to see a best friend in a show, a family trip to DC, and a big Canadian adventure to visit my family there that also included two nights in my parents’ RV.

On a more somber, political note... This has been a rough week for our country. Two mass shootings in less than twenty-four hours. I don’t have words for the heartbreak I feel. Two nights ago, in Times Square, a motorcycle backfired, and there was mass panic. In July, when I was leaving Washington, DC, my husband and I were waiting for our train in Union Station, and suddenly we saw everyone running. So we ran, too. There was mention of a shooter. It was terrifying. In our case, the cause turned out to be fireworks. I feel immensely lucky that my experience was a false alarm. But I also hate that we live in a world where instead of thinking, "Oh my god, how could this be real?", I was thinking, "Oh no, it's happening to me." We’re all ready to run. We’re all traumatized. Something has to change. Now is a great time to consider calling your senators and representatives. Or giving to groups like Moms Demand Action. And of course, we can all try to spread a little more love and light in these dark times. That’s all.

Check in for more soon!


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