Erica Tachoir

Hi, I’m Erica Tachoir. I’m an actor, writer, and director living in Brooklyn.

I love making funny things. Also, funny/sad things. Sometimes just sad things. But usually they're at least a little funny, too.

I studied filmmaking at NYU/Tisch (with a summer in Prague at FAMU), acting at Atlantic Acting School, and improv comedy at UCB. I credit podcasts for everything else I know.

I've acted in a bunch of fun shorts, digital series, and a variety of national commercials where I've played such roles as "a hipster urban farmer" and "the best wife ever." You can watch some of that stuff here.


"Remember to pack underwear." "I will. I will."

- from Scattering Jake by Erica Tachoir


I've written & directed some (funny/sad) things, like a short film staring Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things, Too Sunny for Santa, that played in a whole bunch of festivals. I've also written a feature screenplay, Scattering Jake, that has done well in a whole bunch of contests/fellowships.

I've also made some (just funny) projects with my writing partner and best friend Corinne Caputo, including a series about ghosts, Life, After. We have a company called Slay Beth. (This is a joke from Life, After but also the real name of our LLC.) You can check out our stuff here.

I've run four half-marathons, which is exactly the same thing as running two full marathons. I teach Bar Method workout classes. I also currently use or have at least tried pretty much every subscription service available (and really just any product that advertises on podcasts).


Acting Manager:

Ingrid French Management


928 Broadway, Suite 302, NYC, NY 10010


Commercial Acting Agent: 

David McDermott

Jordan, Gill & Dornbaum



Erica currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.


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