Erica's Commercial Reel - Edited May 2016

"Be the Change" - A comedic short film written by and starring Erica and Corinne Caputo, also directed by Erica. In one strange day, two roommates discover their true callings in unexpected places.

"Too Sunny for Santa" - A short film written and directed by Erica Tachoir. Starring Josh Childs, Natalia Dyer, and Rebecca Lines. A father tries to create Christmas in June for his dying wife, while he and his adolescent daughter struggle to figure out how they will become a family on their own.


A web series created by and starring Erica and Corinne Caputo. Two best friends die and become ghosts. Together, they explore the afterlife and try to figure out their unfinished business. View all episodes at lifeafterseries.com/watch

Trailer for "Life, After" by Erica Tachoir and Corinne Caputo. For more, visit lifeafterseries.com


A comedic series created by Erica and Corinne Caputo for the website Internet Action Force.

Episode One - Karen and Erin try to make their first DIY craft video with the "help" of Erin's brother Jeremy.

Episode Two - Karen and Erin teach how to make glitter mason jars, using herbs and spices. Erin will be covered in pink glitter forever...

Episode Three - Jeremy gets a Go Pro, and Karen and Erin teach how to put pudding in mason jars with bows for any sized jar occasion.

Episode Three - Karen and Erin teach how to make confetti from paper, but Jeremy is preoccupied with love.


Erica's SUPER eager for that white picket fence in this Match.com spot.

A McDonald's commercial where Erica shows up as the best wife ever (clearly).

Erica as an overeager bride for Push Pops.

Erica doesn't know what to say when she's not talking about NFL Fantasy Football.

Erica loves her home in this commercial for Twist lightbulbs.

Erica misunderstands Alfonso Ribeiro's love of Zaxby's birthday cake milkshakes

An AIG commercial with Farmer Erica. (Don't blink!)


"Chaos Theory" - A short film starring Erica Tachoir, directed by Jason Harper at Lonelyleap Film. Winner of the Levi's Show Us the Way contest, screened at the 2012 AFI Film Festival.

Excerpts from Tom Patterson's short film "Thanks," featuring Erica Tachoir.

Excerpts from Dana Brawer's NYU film, "Lullaby," featuring Erica Tachoir.