Erica Tachoir

Hi, I’m Erica. I’m a writer, actor, and filmmaker living in Brooklyn.

I create projects that are either funny, a little sad, or an unexpected combination of the two. (Sunny? Fad?)

I studied filmmaking at NYU/Tisch (with a summer in Prague at FAMU), acting at Atlantic Acting School, and improv comedy at UCB. I credit podcasts for everything else I know.

I've acted in a bunch of fun shorts, digital series, and a variety of national commercials where I've played such roles as "a hipster urban farmer" and "the best wife ever." You can watch some of that stuff here.


I've written & directed some funny/sad things, like a short film staring Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things, Too Sunny for Santa, that played in a whole bunch of festivals. I've also written a feature screenplay, Scattering Jake, that has done well in a whole bunch of contests/fellowships. You can learn more about my writing here.

I've also made some just funny projects with my writing partner and best friend Corinne Caputo, including a series about ghosts called Life, After. (Okay, yeah, it's about death so I guess it's also a little sad.) We have a company called Slay Beth. This is a joke from Life, After but also the real name of our LLC. You can check out our stuff here.

I've run five half-marathons, which is exactly the same thing as running two and a half full marathons. I teach Bar Method workout classes. I also currently use or have at least tried pretty much every subscription service available... and really just any product that advertises on podcasts. (This is not a bit.)



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