Watch me on Law & Order: SVU this Thursday!

Tune in to NBC on Thursday night, and you just might catch yours truly in a small, one-line part on Law & Order: SVU! (You really only need to watch like the first five minutes to see me, but obviously you’ll wanna find out what happens and see the rest.)

I can’t speak highly enough about the experience and being on the set of such an established and esteemed show. It’s a real New York institution, and everyone I met who works on it was incredibly kind, professional, and just delightful. I also feel like a proper New York actor now that I have my Law & Order credit! Enjoy the show! And enjoy some goofy pics I took with the other actors from my scene:

Other quick updates: Scattering Jake made the Top 100 in The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad contest. I finished a very, very rough first draft of my biopic. And Corinne and I made it through a new revision of Spaceboat! Lots of things moving along. Stay tuned for more soon. xo


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