Making Things Happen

I know you (yes, I mean you, the person reading this... I know who you are...) follow every change to my website avidly. So pointing out anything new is futile because you've already seen it. Humor me while I enlightened the less informed followers out there that I recently re-wrote my bio to give a better sense of my mission as an artist. I've been taking a career mastery course over the past six weeks, and I'm reignited to pursue my goals with fervor and enthusiasm. A part of this course has been to examine my marketing materials, so you may see some other changes coming to this site and elsewhere, and I'd definitely love your feedback on them. It's been really exciting and energizing to sharpen my focus on what I want and how specifically I plan on getting there, and I truly believe that the universe rewards the positive energy we put into achieving our goals.

So, go check out the new and revised bio, and let me know what you think!

And stay tuned for info about a new job booking... coming soon.


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