Surviving the Elements

The past couple of weeks have definitely been a good reminder of how many things are out of my control. I pride myself on my pretty exemplary health and fitness regimen. I should have known better than to get arrogant about that because a severe cold/bronchitis (that I'm still getting rid of almost three weeks later) has put me back in my place. Then of course, as soon as I started feeling better, New York fell under the doomsday blizzard warnings. Luckily (or unluckily if you're one to root for catastrophes), we dodged that bullet. Needless to say, I'm ready for life to be back to normal.

A few cool things did happen recently. I took two great class at One on One with John Ort and Trey Lawson. That was fun. Corinne and I finished and delivered our most recent comedy videos. Also fun. And I wrapped up my UCB Advanced Study class with Gavin Speiller. Fun as well

Here are some silly observations about being sick that I made over the past weeks:

  • I'm really bad at most normal life things when I'm sick, but I'm exceptionally good at staring. Like just… staring… at stuff… or at nothing.
  • When I get sick, I suddenly have a TON of money, or at least I act it. Fancy juices, cabs everywhere, the most expensive tissues with lotion AND Vicks. I'll buy it all, please.
  • Feeling better at home is no indication of how you will feel as soon as you step outside.
  • Being sick is a good way to take the things you love and are incredibly passionate about and reduce them to... ah I don't care... whatever.

Stay healthy, everyone!


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