Waiting for my cue at Grumman Studios.

Waiting for my cue at Grumman Studios.

Wow, this is a busy and exciting week. Keeping it short because I'm about to head to set for an educational shoot I'm on today and Monday. Yesterday, I spent the day at the incredible Grumman Studios (in Long Island... the place where Sound of Music and Peter Pan Live was shot), shooting a SAG-AFTRA commercial!!! Yay!!! This is my second union job, so must-join status, here I come. The commercial was a really fun experience that may have included a balloon/confetti drop and a recent Dancing with the Stars competitor. I booked it through House Casting (and obviously with the support of my incredible manager, Ingrid French, and agent, David McDermott at JGD).

Otherwise, two new episodes of DIY Friends came out. You can view them all on my videos page, or check out the most recent ones right here:

Stay tuned for more cool stuff next week! (Though it's gonna be hard to top this week... haha)


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